Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games' Gender Equality & Youth-focus

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board is using the upcoming XXXII Olympiad as a platform to drive gender equality as well as putting a focus on the youth that's driving the sport of Olympic Weightlifting to new heights.

From executive board rooms to the sports fields gender equality has been something that's been a focus in the 21st Century and it's now Olympic Weightlifting's turn to meaningfully address this issue. Being a predominantly a male dominated sport this is a step towards attracting the next generation of sportspeople to drive the change already happening within the sport.

In the Rio 2016 Games there were 8 mens and 7 womens weight categories with this moving to an equal 7-7 split for the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan. USA Weightlifting CEO Phil Andrews  had called this a "critical step towards gender equality" and that undoubtedly this will help "retain Weightlifting's place at the very core of the Olympic Games Program".

Crossfit has seen a surge of new talent entering the fray and it's crucial that the governing body utilizes the opportunity to capitalize on media attention to bolster the reach and fanbase of the sport. The USA has been instrumental in popularisation of the sport in recent history with a host of talented youth lifters now in Olympic and World Champs contention. 

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