Australian Team heads to the World Masters Games 2017

It must be an exciting time for any athlete to represent their country and the World Masters Games in New Zealand this year provides this opportunity to a number of athletes.

Australian Olympic Weightlifter

The Australian Men's Team: Warren Hellisen, Christopher Holt, Craig Blythman, Amando Miotti, Musa Kamara, Rohan Mason, Jonathan Delaney, George Stlyianou, Jonathan Valentine and Adriano Immarrata.

The Australian Women's Team: Leanne Knox, Diana Loy, Bronwyn Hitchener, Linda Edwards, Monika Endres, Tara Noonan, Toni Lane, Rhonda O'Farrell and Kelly Cameron.

Crossfit has had a huge impact on the growth of Olympic Weightlifting as a sport in recent years and continues to bolster the take up from youths to seniors. This trend has been noted in Australia and the Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) has been doing a lot of work with rewards already being seen in young new talent pushing for spots in the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games squad to represent Australia.

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