Terms of Service

  1. Cobra Weightlifting has the right to refuse a purchase made through this website. In such cases we will refund the purchase price in the same payment method that purchase was made. We are not responsible for transaction fees levied by financial institutions when refunding that are beyond our control.
  2. Size indications presented on this site is indicative and not a complete guarantee of fit. As athletes are different in size and shape all reasonable precautions have been taken in assessing sizing guides.
  3. Our suits/singlets are made competition wear and not suitable for daily training. We are not responsible for any damage sustained in training and we will not accept suits/singlets returned with damage as a result of training.
  4. Businesses may purchase from our website but as such this will be treated as a business-to-business transaction and applicable Australian and International laws apply.
  5. As our company transacts from Australia, we are acting in accordance with Australian consumer law for retail purposes.