We are proud to offer the new generation of Olympic weightlifting suits that can be fully customised with creative designs and even lifter names with club branding. We use the finest spandex & Lycra materials specially designed to snug the body during high-stress competition lifts. Our special tensioned flat-lock stitching means that you won't be bothered by rough stitching as they are made to feel extra-soft on the skin. These are made to IWF regulations and able to be used in official Olympic Weightlifting competitions held around the world.

Photo credits: Cindy McMurtrie @ Off The Bar Photography

Photo credits: Cindy McMurtrie @ Off The Bar Photography

We have some exciting news to announce that we will be launching a new online store in Australia & New Zealand where we will ship stock standard suits in a range of colours (see below). Our special zip Olympic Weightlifting Suits means that it's easier to get in and out of as well as being extremely durable. We use only the best YKK zips on ours suits to last a lifetime. Our development team has worked hard to ensure that these fully customiseable suits fit perfectly to each lifter. These weightlifting suits are fully customiseable with your own unique design. To get your very own customised Olympic Weightlifting click on the button below and fill out the form.

Our fabrics

We use a high stretch and performance matt fabric from Italy. Unlike our competitors fabrics that get shiny when printed on, ours stay matt and gives a premium look. Not only is this fabric built for the wear and tear of Olympic Weightlifting, the fabric is double faced so your skin is not feeling the underside but a top face specifically designed to be soft. It also gives the maximum compression effect a fabric can to your skin whilst still allowing breatheability. This is what makes Italian fabrics hard to match in quality and performance from the cheaper Asian rivals.

Fabric Properties

We also use Kevlar® fabrics on the thigh panels to be extremely durable and long lasting. Most Olympic Weightlifters would know that when snatching and clean & jerking the bar moves up across the thighs and grazes the thigh panels of the suit. As they are heavy weights and being pulled quickly they tend to tear normal fabrics and hence wear out quickly.The knurling of the olympic weightlifting bars tend to wreak havoc on generic singlets and lower quality suits. Whilst Kevlar® fabric is expensive we just could not forgo using them on our suits. We use the best, we have the best price and of course the best service - what more could you ask for really. 

Kevlar Olympic Weightlifting Suit

Why are our suits better than the rest?

We have spent years developing and honing our expertise in our proprietary suits. Our team has travelled across the globe meeting fabric engineers and apparel technicians. From all our research and development we have chosen only the finest fabrics made by world renowned fabric manufacturers.

Most manufacturers use basic material made in Asia in bulk factories and brand them so they appear high-tech. Ours come from only the best Italian fabric mills and also from the USA. Our fabric mills also supply world leading sports apparel brands and you can be sure that they're cutting edge.

Custom Coloured Olympic Weightlifting Suits

Our base fabric for all custom printed suits and singlets has a super matt look giving it a premium look unlike the cheap shiny ones. It is the ideal partner of every sportsman having been awarded the prestigious LYCRA® Sport certificate, it guarantees extreme elasticity and such a high recovery power that it can increase the performance of athletes who might be wearing garments made with it who will also enjoy the freedom of movement and comfort it ensures. Combining lightness, breathability and muscular support, our fabric is specially made for olynpic weightlifting suits and singlets.The use of Xtra Life LYCRA® elastomer also ensures perfect fit and a good shape recovery power even after a long time. It is also fast drying, pilling and abrasion resistant ensuring that it will last the rigours of heavy lifts.

Coates Seamsoft Thread

Sublimation and our suits

This is what the new sublimation technology allows. First your unique design is done on the computer and then printed onto special paper. As with all our consumables we use the best Roland printers from Japan and inks from Italy. This ensures the best colour reproduction inline with the Pantone system. This is then heat pressed together to shift the ink from the paper to the white fabric and the result is what you on the right. This technology has not been adopted by the major Olympic Weightlifting suit manufacturers and so we're proud to offer you the choice that they are not.

Roland Sublimation Printer